The house is committed to the promotion and protection of excellence trades and craftsmanship.

In this line, we work with the last silk workshop in France, perpetuating manually an ancestral printing method called 'flat frame printing' or 'à la lyonnaise'. Our production is ensured by a French family-owned company whose artisanal skills and expertise have marked excellence in silk production since 1890 . In line with the values ​​of the house, the choice naturally leaned towards local production for the preservation of Lyon's silk heritage , its expertise and its jobs .

Consider nature

The conception of our creations is part of a virtuous and ecological circle.

Local manufacturing : the house has chosen local production. We value the expertise of artisans in excellence and support employment in France

A natural and sustainable material : our collection is exclusively based on silk, a natural and ecological fiber known for its many benefits for skin and hair.

Ecological and sustainable packaging : our creations are carefully hand-packed in recycled cardboard boxes. Soiyage Pairis intentionally opted for cylindrical packaging to offer a reusable container

Special attention to resource utilization: within the workshop, fabric is optimally valued by our experts. Scraps are used to make small silk accessories


Soiyage has chosen the most prestigious materials for crafting its creations. We have selected it for its softness, its brilliance, and its durability.

Silk has traversed the centuries in the form of rich fabrics and remains essential in haute couture.

The silk trades demand sharp expertise. In the silk workshop in Lyon , our team deploys its know-how to craft creations with the utmost delicacy. Our seamstresses refine the squares with a beautiful hand-rolled hem to offer you exceptional scarves.

Soiyage, un voyage responsable qui insuffle de la modernité dans un savoir-faire ancestral.