“Celestial balance between artistry and craft defines our very essence”


We are two sisters , two partners, two creatives.
From our parents, experts in textiles, we inherited a passion for craftsmanship, handmade work and excellence.

Building an ethical brand, in line with these values , seemed like a natural choice.
Loyal to the French entrepreneurial spirit, we embarked on a journey filled with emotions
and humanity.

Soiyage is envisioned as a poetic escape, for souls in search of freedom and social impact.
Blending elegance and modernity, we create exceptional silk scarves for customers who resonates with us. Determined, fair and sensitive to the world around us .

Our inspirations stem from places that have enchanted our history.
Our first collection is an ode to Paris, which overwhelmed us from the first encounter with its cultural richness and beauty. Paris, the City of Lights, the capital of love and romance.

Mel and Sisi